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It's Your Card.

Know Before You Show.


  • Want to know your card is functioning?
  • Want to know the card is still trusted by the card issuer?
  • Like to know the PKI keys are loaded and working correctly? 
  • Have to prove this to a third party?​
  • Need to change your Assigned PIN value? 
  • Require an electronic card image to study?
  • Need to review all communications between the card and device?
Then you must get the Smart Card Diagnostic Tool!
A 7th generation smart card utility tested over many PIV and PIV-like smart cards, using both contact and contactless interfaces. The tool was first offered in 2008.
All this and more from the same team that brought you in 2015 the innovative ScanMyTWICeval for Android.


Smart Card Diagnostic PC Utility for TWIC, PIV, PIV-I, CIV and CAC CARDS




Card issuers and relying parties using a Personal Identification Verification (PIV), Common Access Card (CAC) or Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) cards have had few options to comprehensivley inspect their cards until now. 


The PC based Windows Smart Card Diagnostic tool provides many laboratory and field features that can provide both the card issuer and the user community with valuable information. 





Generic Smart Cards LLC uses the most advanced smart card diagnostic functionality to ensure cards are analyzed in a complete manner that is fast.

The Smart Card Diagnostic (SCD) is a full featured application that continues to evolve to service any new card capabilities or data models.


The Smart Card Diagnostic operates with any Personal Computer / Smart Card (PCSC) reader, contact or contactless, installed on the PC hosting this application.  The Smart Card Diagnostic will operate with or without the "Smart Card Plug and Play" feature enabled on the hosting PC.

Though the primary focus is diagnostic, the Smart Card Diagnostic supports several features that are useful when applying the tool to an operational setting.  These features include:

     1. Ability to change the PIN on the card

     2. Trust checks for TWIC and select PIV cards

     3. A "Notes" function to capture card physical issues observed by the operator.

     4. Rapid test mode when inspecting many cards at once.  For situations where checking if the card communicates is a higher priority than the capture of data from the card.

For laboratory use, the Smart Card Diagnostic  

provides detailed information for each card:

     A. A full time-stamped communications log

     B. A summary record for each of the many tests performed.  Records are organized such that they can be imported into Excel, Access, or other applications supporting separated values formatting.

    C. Card "image" capture.  The text file produced stores all information accessible at the card interface in a form that is easily imported into a hexadecimal editor or other applications supporting "Hex ASCII" formatting.

     D. The ability to visually inspect and export card certificates, both Certificate Authority based certificates and end-entity certificates.

     E. Biometric template summary for fingerprints and visual display of the facial image.








All Generic Smart Cards LLC applications have been tested on a wide range of PIV compatible cards using a variety of smart card readers.


Card testing to date includes PIV cards, PIV Interoperable (PIV-I) cards, TWIC cards, Commercial Identification Verification (CIV) cards, and Department of Defense (DoD) Common Access Cards (CAC).


The Smart Card Diagnostic application is optimized for Windows 10 but has been tested to run on older Windows 7 machines as well.



The Smart Card Diagnostic tool relies upon the Windows Personal Computer / Smart Card Application Program Interface (PC/SC API) which supports a broad range of both contact and contactless readers.

The tool uses a few methods to correctly identify the card presented is using a contact reader or a contactless reader.  PIV limits the amount of information that can be accessed over the contactless interface.

When the maximum amount of data is desired to be extracted from the card by the operator, a contact reader needs to be used along with entering the value of the Personal Identification Number (PIN) for the card presented.
















All rights reserved. © 2019 Generic Smart Cards LLC.  ScanMyTWICeval and Generic Smart Cards LLC may not be used without permission. All other trademarks, service marks, and product or service names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.




Smart Card Diagnostic  screen has been sized to run on any size Personal Computer.
All rights reserved.  © 2019 Generic Smart Cards LLC. Smart Card Diagnostic and Generic Smart Cards LLC may not be used without permission. All other trademarks, service marks, and product or service names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.
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